Asking my phone to be god

I keep checking my phone. Like a dog looking out the window waiting for his owner to return home. I keep looking for good news. For something to reassure.

I keep asking my phone to transmit me back to when we had trust, love and respect. When was that again? Would I even know what date to request?

I keep checking my phone for something to relieve pain. For something that gives hope. For strength for the day ahead. For something that will help me rest. Something for the arguments in my head.

I keep asking my phone for comfort. Tell me I will be OK. Tell me I will get through this. Would I know it if I saw it? Would I believe it if I did?

I keep checking my phone for someone faithful and true. Someone to walk with through the day. Someone to see me through. Someone to love me, come what may. 

I keep asking my phone: be with me wherever I go. Love me. Never say no. Can it forgive me? Can it rescue? Can it relieve? I keep checking, asking it to be God.

-Steve M


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