The Time Between Times

There is a liminal space between what was and what will be. Like there is a space in a stairwell where I am on neither the last floor nor the next. This is the middle space, the in-between. It seems easy to become stuck when the attachment to what-was and the uncertainty about what-will-be are both strong. This point had to come eventually, the point where letting go of the known and taking hold of the unknown must be considered.

This is not a comfortable place, this time between times. It can be a cold place. This is a time for embracing reality. It is not a place to set up camp. Nor is it a time to be in a rush. It is not a time to panic or try to escape. Like the long hallway between an air terminal and the airplane, this is not a destination. Like the middle point in an electrical switch, this is a transitional space.

I am grateful for tools for navigating this space. I am hopeful that I will learn to use new ones as I move through it. Some of the tools of this space were used in the past, some do not belong on this journey and some will be used in the future. Some are tailor made for this space, like escalators and steps, they are tools of transition. I am likewise grateful for the people God has brought alongside in this journey and hopeful God will provide all that I need along the way. My desire and mission is to calmly and soberly move through this time with integrity.

God grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change; things like time, circumstances, other people. Grant me the courage to change the things I can; things like my attention and focus, my mindset, my plans. Grant me wisdom to know the difference. Grant me the presence of mind to fix my eyes on what is excellent and life-giving as I move through this time. Please, remind me of your goodness and faithfulness along the way. Do not let me despair, but grant me hope and joy in the journey.

-Steve M


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